Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wrist Blintz

A while ago, my mother told me that she was having a lot of wrist pain, and after seeing her doctor and then an orthopedist, the recommendation was that she wear a splint on her wrist. Oddly, just wearing a simple $7 drugstore device for a few days and nights actually made the pain stop. Or the pain just went away, and the splint was merely a strange accessory to wear while passing the time.

Unfamiliar words can sometimes get garbled over the telephone, and when my mother described the "treatment" recommended to her, she said "wrist splint" and I heard "wrist blintz." (Okay, maybe I'm just always thinking about food.) So we henceforth took to calling the contraption a "wrist blintz" and got a little laugh every time we said it.

Months later, I developed some wrist pain of my own. Off to the pharmacy I went to get my very own "blintz" and just wearing it for a couple of days actually got rid of the pain. Shlepping my heavy boy Andy is not the best for a sore wrist, but some time with my blintz every few months keeps the pain at bay.

Whether you prefer blintzes or latkes, Happy Chanukah!


table nine said...

MMmmmm...GF Blintzes. Is it Shavuos yet?

Ezzie said...

:::mmm::: Blintzes... I want cheese! (I dunno, I've just never been into latkes...)

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I only like potato blintzes but I like latkes with applesauce. Enjoy Chanukah.

RaggedyMom said...

You guys are making me hungry!!! Cheese blintzes, potato blintzes, latkes, applesauce, even Table Nine's weird gluten-free stuff (okay, maybe not) . . . bring it on!

RaggedyMom said...

Just kidding, table nine - your gluten free blintzes are actually oddly spectacular!