Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cooking with My Crew

I always enjoy cooking with Ann, and now that Andy's getting bigger, he'll be darned if he gets left out of the action. Cooking with them pretty much means letting them touch, smell, look at, and gently mix some ingredients, and then ushering them out of the kitchen and over to some toys while the actual heat-related stuff is taking place.

They say that the best cooks are the ones who love to eat, and thankfully, that applies to these two! It's farmer cheese latkes for supper over here, and because the kids had a part in making them, I think that ups the chances of them eating this meal by about 200%. Although Andy, to his credit, needs no prompting when it comes to food.

Andy got to mix a few drops of water in a bowl with a little spatula. Ann helped design this made-up job to keep him away from her job, which is to beat the eggs, a task at which she has become quite proficient. Afterward I added the other ingredients, and she helped "make them all 'corporated" which basically means mixed in thoroughly. Aside from accidentally trying to eat Ann's imaginary friend, Andy did pretty well for his first time on the stool, especially with me hovering about 3 inches behind them.

Finally, it is our first night this year of lighting the Chanukah candles without RaggedyDad, who had some vacation time earlier this week, so I'm including a picture of the menorah that I recently asked my mother to borrow, one that I remember from my childhood as "the lion one," as in, "It's my turn to get to light the lion one this year!" Considering that Ann is a Leo I guess it is fitting. And that's the end of the astrology voodoo portion of this post.

Happy Chanukah! Chag Urim Sameach!


table nine said...

The cheese latkes look delicious! I can smell the oil from here...

orieyenta said...

You are so brave to let them help in the kitchen...I shudder to think of what my kitchen would look like if my little one got in there. The latkes look yummy and the picture of the kids is priceless.

Chag Urim Sameach.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Looks like fun:)

mother in israel said...

Ooh! Did you know about the meme? See my blog and send that post to Irina. . .

Ezzie said...

I'm hungry... :)

Hope you had a wonderful Shabbos and kept watch on the Hills for us!

RaggedyMom said...

Table 9 - Thanks! Diet starts tomorrow, right?

Oriyenta - I never thought of myself as brave, but maybe I have some of that Maccabee spirit in me after all. I think they're cute too! I love how Andy is practically trying to launch himself into the sink!

SWFM - It sure was!

Mom in Israel - Thanks!

Ezzie - Don't worry, all of the garbage is still on the streets, right where the other NYers left it for you. Have a safe trip back to earth!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Chanukah!!