Thursday, December 28, 2006

Act Weird and Let Them Wonder

The title is taken from a pin I used to wear on my backpack before I sold out to the man and became a grownup. SWFM tagged me with this meme. I like the idea of finding out six quirky things about fellow bloggers. I do think that if I filled this out tomorrow the list would be totally different. Weird, huh?

Without any further delay . . .

Six Weird Things About RaggedyMom

1. Growing up, I always felt very weird and out of place in my family. I’m the only girl (besides mom), the only real redhead, the only one with blue eyes, the only lefty. Will RaggedyMom’s real family please come to take me back to our home planet already?!

2. Macaroni with cottage cheese and ketchup is a great meal as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know anyone besides my brothers and my own kids who would ever eat this.

3. In the hottest of weather, I must have the blanket up to my chin and around me like a cocoon. Embrace the cocoon.

4. As a child I hated being photographed so much that there are several family shots that include me completely turned around with my back to the camera.

5. I love to sing out loud around the house, in the car, and even in a very low undertone in a parking lot or other public place. Having kids with you makes this look a little less crazy.

6. My birthday is the same as my area code. (7/18)

Let's see . . . I think I'll tag Table Nine, Hila, and Oriyenta. Good luck, weirdos. Venture forth.


Ezzie said...


4 - I always was terrible with smiling for a camera (or anytime where I think about it), even though I'm considered a "smiley" guy, so I always used to stick out my tongue for pictures... and I hate heat. Notice I wasn't wearing a coat? I almost never do unless I'll be outside for a long time.

Sorry I didn't come over and actually say hi, introduce myself, maybe help you out for a sec, etc... :(

I saw the bus was on its way from the previous stop, and I'd already killed 30 minutes driving my friend's car [he's in Bermuda] to the subway [because of alternate side I had to move it anyway], realizing there was no parking, and driving back. Ugh.

But it was nice to "meet" you! :) (Nu, next time I'll try to actually say hi.)

RaggedyMom said...

Hey Ezzie.

No coat - my dad is like that and I always thought it was cray-zee.

I wanted to chat a bit but was trying to corral my kids and my neighbor's son into the clown car for carpool.

Cars are a liability on Thursday and Friday mornings around here. Here's hoping that next time YOU get to be the "friend in Bermuda"!

Ezzie said...

Yah, I saw. :) FWIW, my father-in-law put 204,000+ on his '94 Corolla... then sold it to a friend of mine, who has been using it for over a year. They take abuse well...

Heh - I'll take Israel over Bermuda when we finally get enough miles...!

I think cars are almost always a liability around here. I think I've gotten 4 alternate-side tickets in the last 2 years... and we don't even own a car!

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

You are quick and you did great but I don't think you win for weirdo I think I am weirder lol.

~ Sarah ~ said...

well, this meme/tag/game proves that we all have our quirks :)

kasamba said...

Wierdos of the world- unite!!!

orieyenta said...

In the hottest of weather, I must have the blanket up to my chin and around me like a cocoon.

Despite the red hair and blue eyes thing, this could make us twins separated at birth. See number six of my response to this meme.

My birthday is the same as my area code. (7/18)
Same as my Dad's area code...if you see a tall Chinese man walking around, say hi for me!

RaggedyMom said...

Ezzie - Israel over Bermuda any day, hands down, you're right. Here's hoping we all make it there soon! (Permanently for us, I hope!)

SWFM - I'm not sure if degree of weirdness is so easy to compare. Let's just say it's more or less equal!

Sarah - It certainly does, and it's been fun learning about everyone's. Who came up with the number 6?

Kasamba - Let's prepare for world domination. Are you willing to head the UK branch?

Oriyenta - As a fellow "chilly" person, you're the cleverest for living in Miami.

As a former teacher of English as a second language, I'm going to venture a guess that your dad fits the profile of, oh, about a third of Queens residents. I'll tell all of them you say hi!

PsychoToddler said...

My kids are big on the mac and cheese and ketchup, although lately it's been more like tomato sauce.

Baleboosteh said...

Weird... and very interesting RaggedyMom.
Speaking of weird...I was always a big fan of the doona cocoon in the middle of summer, until I had kids and now I always feel to hot, its like my tempreture went up during pregnancy and never came back down!

Happy New Year!

RaggedyMom said...

PT - Macaroni with ketchup and cheese is another very popular choice around here. Tomato sauce kind of fancies it up a bit, dontcha think?

Lately I've been getting gourmet about it and putting the macaroni back in the pot and then heating it with milk and cheese. It's a step above the microwave.

Baleboosteh - You're the winner for the first time I had to google a term used in a comment!

I'd never actually heard the term "doona" before and I think it's an Aussie thing. Looks kind of like a heavy down blanket. Thanks for the eye-opener!

Happy New Year!