Monday, July 21, 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I've missed blogging. I really have. There were so many false starts in my mind, so many things I wanted to say, that just sort of fizzled as they were consumed by the great time sucking forces that invaded for good.

For the past three weeks, Ann, who is turning 5 on Shabbos, and Andy, who is turning 3 in October, have been going to day camp. They're going for the first 'half' of the summer, after which they'll be home for three weeks, and then we'll be away for two weeks visiting RaggedyDad's family.

In my fuzzy, early childhood memories, Hachofesh Hagadol was spent taking the bus from Givatayim to the beach in Tel Aviv, or tagging along as my brothers waged war against the ants in the yard of our apartment building, looking at picture books, and yes, being bored sometimes. I'm attempting to recreate that sense of vast downtime for my kids for the remainder of the summer.

In my imaginary universe, I have a little backyard with a little spot for a plastic pool and some grass. In reality, New York summers are oppressively muggy and hot after 10 a.m., the streets reek of garbage juice, and we live in an upstairs apartment with no balcony or yard space. Hence, camp.

I'm glad that they have been enjoying seeing one another at camp. I'm glad that Andy seems to be doing fine for his four daily hours without me. I'm glad that Ann is, as always, unfazed when she recognizes practically no other kids ("Guess what, Mommy?! Even more kids to be friends with!!")

In the meantime, I've dusted off my grad school textbooks (Okay, it wasn't that long ago. Not that much dust) and I have been teaching reading one-on-one for ten hours a week while my mother watches Little Rag. Whew!

Add that to the usual array of laundry, my quest to serve less processed food to the family (we are really into soups lately), a nearly-one-year-old who still sleeps like a newborn, RaggedyDad bogged down with work and school, extended family drama (for a change), and getting ready for The Trip, and you have a rather raggedy mom.

But I am trying to start writing here again to clear my head and reconnect with my blogging friends. I have been reading (and sometimes commenting) over at most of your places. Thanks for coming back.


Erachet said...

One of the biggest killers of blogging is, "I have this post that I want to write but I don't have time to write it yet/don't want to write it yet and I don't want to write anything else until I can write that post" etc. etc. etc.

Don't think so hard, just write! :D

Yay for gross, hot, muggy, humid summers in New York!

Now let's go on The Hebrew Adventure so we can pretend we're in Israel like everyone else.

Diana said...

You forgot to mention your birthday!

SaraK said...

Well, would you look who is back blogging. I shouldn't really talk, I'm not much of a poster myself. It's a good thing I see IRL, otherwise I would have thought you really fell off the face of the earth,

Ezzie said...

You can always walk down the block if you want a break. :)

SuperRaizy said...

Welcome back. Good to hear your "voice" again.

triLcat said...

Baruch Mechayeh Meitim (the blog, not you. I knew you were alive and well. ;) )

orieyenta said...

Yay! So glad to see you here.

LittleBirdies said...

So happy to see you back.

RaggedyMom said...

Erachet - I agree, 'just write' is the way to go. I'm up for some Hebrew adventures when you are!

Diana - Let's hear it for the big 2-1!!

Everyone - Thanks for the warm welcome back!!

Jack said...

Welcome back.

mother in israel said...

I can't believe how much I missed. Welcome back and thanks again for coming out to see us. It was fun!!