Thursday, November 30, 2006

International Promote-a-Blog Week

[Updated: In the interest of not getting lost in the erev Shabbos shuffle, I am going to extend this to a week-long festivity ;)]

Who says I can't start a new holiday? Despite my own (highly) limited readership, I'm going to see if I can promote two blogs, and encourage others to do the same. Most of us do this already via our blogrolls and posts, but I'm going to go ahead and suggest that the first week of December henceforth be known International Promote-a-Blog Week.

Here are the two blogs I'm promoting:

1. Swedish, single, and Jewish - Hila is a cool girl who often has perceptive and witty things to say over at RaggedyMom. Her story, the bits and pieces that I've gathered by reading, is fascinating. How many of us actually know someone Swedish? Who's also converting to Judaism? And in college in the Midwest? I particularly like reading about the quality of relationships between Hilahoney and her family members. Go check out Hila's blog!

2. Table Nine is a brand-new blog by my very good friend, neighbor, and, according to some, the girl who could pass for my sister. And I don't have any sisters. So just in terms of biological improbability, this is of high interest to our national security. A brave, intelligent, gluten-free gal, Table Nine is sure to have some crazy-amazing (crazamazing) things to say in the future. Having friends who start blogs is almost as great as becoming frum and then encouraging your family members to become frum, too. Well. Of course I'm kidding. It's better than that. Have a look at what Tableninemama is talking about!

So there you have it. It's the first week in December. Go out there, and promote two blogs you feel deserve an extra boost of attention!


Baleboosteh said...

What a good idea RaggedyMom, I will have to check those two blogs out!

table nine said...
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table nine said...

{blushing} Thanks for the warm welcome! You are my raggedyist friend. Without you we might have no shul, no fresh fruit, no pediatrician, and now, no blog! Remember there's always a seat reserved for you at table nine.

HilaHoney said...


I cannot even begin to describe how flattered and honored I am that you chose my blog as one of your promotees :-D!!!! Thank you so so much! And from the plethora of comments you have on your post, I would say your readership is far from limited! Have you seen my sitemeter? LOL, I am guessing you have and hence the promotion ;-). Anyhoo, thanks a bunch! Have a good Shabbos!


kasamba said...

I'm going to go there as soon as I get a chance!

RaggedyMom said...

Thanks, guys! Don't be shy about promoting a couple of blogs yourselves!