Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Final RaggedyHarvest

A quick update on our "farm" in the common backyard space of the apartment complex: Almost all of the tomatoes turned red and were eaten. Just a few rotted. My gardening buddy (read: really sweet lady who did some of the planting with me and wound up doing the lion's share of the drudge work - thanks, N.!) uprooted the tomato and pepper plants, but the zucchini plant had to "fall" and get less spiky before we uproot it.

I went back there with the kids this afternoon to see if there was anything left and found a few last renegade zucchinis, and this will probably be the last of our harvest, and the last of our gardening while living here for good. According to the "house rules," there shall be no vegetable gardens anywhere on the premises, a rule that I didn't know about until after all of this stuff had been planted. Something to do with attracting fleas, but I think that's bunk. I was hoping I wouldn't be told to uproot our vegetables this year, and luckily, I wasn't. But I wouldn't risk planting vegetables again since I'm sure it would really disappoint the kids to plant together and then have to tear it up.


~ Sarah ~ said...

enjoy those vegetables!

guess another 'farm' will have to wait till until you have a garden that allows planting.

hilahoney said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your kids are absolutely adorable! And I'm sorry to hear about the poppycock rules about no gardens! BOOOO...At least you got it for one year?

Kol tuv,


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

So cool that you have a veggie garden enjoy. Very cute pic.

medicalmystery said...

big brother wants you to buy his vegetables

RaggedyMom said...

~Sarah~: I will, and we'll see how quickly we move out of here!

Hila: You're welcome! Thanks! And totally! And we did enjoy it this year, which is better than nothing!

SWFM: Thanks!

MM: Listen, it's time to get over high school!