Sunday, August 03, 2008

Raggedy-ism #1

Garbagnik (gar-BAZH-nik)

One who finishes leftover food that is probably best thrown in the trash. In particular, an adult who finishes the children's leftovers.

Usage: RaggedyDad, stop being such a garbagnik with that soggy bowl of Ann's Cheerios! There can't be more than ten of them in there!


LittleBirdies said...

We used to call it "Ema garbage can" when my mother ate our leftovers. When we didn't want to finish our food we'd say we're giving it to the Ema garbage can.

Ezzie said...


Juggling Frogs said...

Love the term!

Here's how I cured myself and became a reformed garbagenik:

I made a rule, that I could eat anything from the kids' plates, but first it had to be put on a separate plate for me.

When viewed as a plate full of bits of smeared peanut butter and bread crusts, egg yolks and mushy banana parts, it became MUCH less appetizing.

After a while, all I had to do was to imagine it on a plate, and I'd pass on the opportunity to act as the human garbage disposal.

Perel said...

finally, my condition has a name! treatment cannot be far behind.