Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Wild-Eyed Madwoman is Me

Somewhere along the way, I let the reigns slip, and there seems to be little chance of getting them back.

Have you ever done errands with a bunch of little kids running amok? The littlest one is helplessly screaming. Again. The oldest one is whining about a coloring book she needs, and also, she has to use the bathroom. It's a 'mergency'. The middlest one is knocking into glass bottles in stores and screaming "Me too money! My turn money!" when you pull out a quarter to feed the meter. And finding the most embarassing things ever to yank off shelves at the pharmacy (use your imagination). And anytime there's a playground in his field of vision, running, running, at breakneck speed to the PWAAAAAYYY GWOOOUUUNNDD!!.

Thank you to all of the kind people who held doors open for me on Main Street this week. Also, though less helpful, thanks to those of you who gave me long, pitying glances. Making eye contact with others can be unexpectedly gratifying.

My lists of errands didn't seem that crazy on paper. Carpool. Bank. Post office. Pharmacy. Pediatrician (little did I know, I'd wait there for 2 hours!). In actuality it was like some kind of absurd triathlon.

Oh, and also, Mondays are apparently pants-switching and sweatband-wearing days for Ann and Andy. (They look like they are here to pump . . you up!)

Thankfully, every day brings with it its own hour of salvation. Naptime. I'd better keep on sleeping when I can. I'll need all the strength I can get.


mother in israel said...

When you are running errands, you are doing two jobs: the errand, and caring/for educating your children. (Exhaustion follows accordingly.) That being said, there may be some errands you can do by phone/mail/delivery.

Ariella said...

I try to hold doors open for women pushing strollers because I know how difficult it is to both hold the door and get the stroller through at the same time -- particularly if you're pushing a heavy, wide or long double stroller.

SephardiLady said...

I hear you. Keep on truckin' (easier to say while sitting at the computer screen processing stuff for clients while Daddy takes care of the post-Shabbat bedtime).

Juggling Frogs said...

Hang in there RaggedyMom!

Now that all those errands are DONE, you don't have to do them again until... next week?!

Shavua tov!

Shira Salamone said...

My iron-clad law was always that anyone--female or male--carrying a child in the arms on the subway or bus got my seat, period. That's been a bit tougher since my foot surgery, but I try. Been there, done that, after all.

I'm with Ariella on holding doors open for stroller-pushers, especially if the door must be pulled, rather than pushed, which is a bit tricky with a stroller.

I didn't think I'd ever get there, but eventually, they "graduate" into adulthood. Catch is, you have to get 'em through kindergarten first. :) Best of luck.

I think a good sense of humor is the best survival mechanism for parenthood. A laugh a day keeps the hair-tearing at bay. :) :) :)

Jewish Deaf Motorcycling Dad said...

My biggest problem recently when out with the kids is if we come to an elevator. Tikvah, the 4 year old lunges for the buttons and presses, leaving the Ahava, the 2 year old a quivering wailing mass, screaming "MY TURN TO PUSH BUTTON!!!!!!" Same thing happens when we get in the elevator. I try to hold Tikvah back, but she'll wisely say "but she can't reach the button, so I HAVE to push it." All this while I'm trying to lift up Avhava to push the button. Where are the stairs again???