Monday, July 09, 2007

Raggedy Road

For about the past month, the Raggedys have been enjoying the sounds of a metro-New York summer. Including, but not limited to: jackhammers, drills that bore holes through bricks, roof overhauling tools and materials, and the like.

The large apartment complex where we live has been actively trying to justify the high maintenance fee we pay, and it has translated into major work projects throughout the summer. While I'm not opposed to the eventual beautification of the grounds, the arduous work being done in the meantime feels endless!

Giant tarps, mesh enclosures, precarious hanging ladders, and men in the windows for much of the day - it gets a little intense! At times, the noise has been mind-numbing. Often, I'm scared to watch what these guys are doing and I'm busy cringing and hoping that none of them get seriously hurt.

On the bright side, Ann and Andy have been very entertained and fascinated by everything giong on around them. Ann is at camp for a good deal of the day, but Andy has been more or less homebound with me for weeks. It has been a sort of blessing in disguise to have these guys out here for him to watch with awe. Especially cute is when some of them respond to his excited shouts of "Man-worker! Hi mans! Hi worker!" etc.

Today's project was one of the more invasive ones. In front of our apartment is a concrete path that leads to all of the apartments on this stretch of the block. The path is being repaved in sections, and for the time being, there is no paving over much of our area. It was pretty tricky navigating getting in and out of the house with the kids, Andy loving the newfound pile of dirt and Ann insisting on avoiding the dirt while staying on the narrow strip of grass near it. Of course, as Mommy, I get the honor of walking on the rockiest or messiest part while holding the 'stuff' and frantically trying to keep everyone from tripping and maintain hand-holding at all times. While whistling Dixie.

When the workers pack up for the day come nightfall, and the kids finally stop talking from their beds and conk out, I'm pretty sure I'll head to bed myself.


Ezzie said...

It's even noisy standing at the bus stop!

But what's up with the non-matching bricks!?

Gotta love "man-worker!" :)

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I could imagine it would be exciting for your kids at least they get a free show.

LittleBirdies said...

My kids can love watching construction trucks/sites, garbage trucks, and tow trucks. It's free entertainment.

PsychoToddler said...

I miss New York.


RaggedyMom said...

Ezzie - :) I'm assuming they're going to paint the bricks eventually? Though I don't know why they ever painted the brick gray to begin with.

SWFM, Little Birdies - I'm trying to look at it that way! Otherwise it's just a huge pain!

PT - No need to gloat! Don't they ever build stuff where you live? Besides, there are benefits. Having grown up among the airports, I'm sure your lip-reading skills are on par with mine.

Scraps said...

Ah yes...the sweet smells and sounds of construction! Gotta love NY in the summer...

Baleboosteh said...

I hope they finish really soon so you can have some peace and quiet again Raggedy.