Thursday, May 10, 2007

Work and Play

RaggedyDad finished his finals on Monday, but starts "Summer" classes on Sunday! Yikes! Haven't these people ever heard of Mother's Day?! Plus it was "month-end" for him at work (although it seems like it's always month-end).

We also got some advance cooking and baking done in the house, both for us and for a family we're friends with who just brought home baby #5. It's great living in such a community. I remember what a huge help those weeknight suppers were after Andy was born!

As I wrote in the comments on A Mother in Israel's recent post about kids helping out, Ann and Andy are usually in the thick of everything that goes on over here. The kitchen stepstool is big enough to accomodate them both for now, and they're little enough to be genuinely excited by tasks like checking eggs, pouring sugar, and mixing batter (gently please!)

I try as much as possible to leave no or very few errands for Sunday, since RD is almost never around for the kids' bedtime during the week. We all get about 45 minutes every morning together, since Ann and Andy are early risers, but it's not much. I really dislike the idea of Sunday being devoted to running in and out of stores and other boring tasks.

Instead, we really try to make Sunday about going out and enjoying nature together whenever possible and weather-permitting. Outdoor photos of the kids are the best, and most parklike settings are free, or very reasonably priced.

Sunday was the English calendar date of our engagement, which took place at another nearby park. We came across a pet fair at the same park, complete with cute, cheesy fair activities.

As long as we're getting a good balance of work and play in at the Raggedys, we stay happy . . !


Stacey said...

Life is all about balance. Sounds like you guys have some good times. I love cooking dinner each night w/my 3 and 5-yr. old. They get so excited to help Mommy.

mother in israel said...

My husband's busy time revolves around the quarterly statement, but like with yours it also never seems to end. And his day off is Friday (when the kids have school) and he takes the little one(s) to the shuk or on other errands.

triLcat said...

The lack of Sundays off has to be the absolute hardest part of living in Israel. I hate that the only day I spend with my husband, we're running around like madmen getting ready for Shabbat.

Enjoy your Sundays... After you make aliya (which you inevitably will - your yiddishe neshama can only take America for so long... you'll see.) they'll be the only thing about American life you miss.


frumhouse said...

Great pictures! I am grateful for Sundays - although even in America my husband works half a day and my older kids have a half day of school. Fridays are a regular day for everyone. So, really, we get 1 1/2 days off per week.

America is becoming a workaholic nation. My husband says that people can't live on a 9-5 salary anymore. Most people we know, my husband included, work at least 60 hours per week, if not more. In my own part-time job, there are times when I put in 40 hours per week. In our new society, that is part-time!

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Finally an update thanks, cute pics have a great mother's day.

Baleboosteh said...

Awww Raggedy Ann and Andy are so cute - love the photos!

Have a great Mothers Day tommorrow Raggedy!

Halfnutcase said...

somehow ann really reminds me of the raggedy ann dolls come to life.

somehow they both seem to have a "quiet" and "subdued" personality about them.

Ezzie said...

:) ...and maybe this Sunday, you'll see some neighbors!

20 Years of My Life said...

Happy Mothers day!!

RaggedyMom said...

Stacey - Those in-between moments often tend to be some of our best times.

Mother in Israel, trilcat - Sundays on Friday seems to be one of those tricky adjustments! See you around 2010!

Frumhouse - You're right, we are crazy over here. RaggedyDad's family lives in Belgium. As a more socialized society, the entire country is basically on vacation for all of August. And when they work, it's not that intense either!

SWFM, Baleboosteh - Thank you! A belated happy one to you too!

Halfnutcase - Thanks. Subdued is definitely more Ann than Andy though - he's full-throttle, headfirst, 24/7!

Ezzie - LOL!

20 years - Thanks! Welcome!