Monday, April 30, 2007

Raggedy Nights (rated G)

I want to wish congrats to the JIB finalists, and to say that some of the "best post" nominations are going to give me a sizable amount of backreading to do.

But that shouldn't be a problem, as my nights are seeming pretty quiet, since RaggedyDad is currently embroiled in both finals at school and "month-end" at work. Somehow, month-end is a crazy time that goes a few days into the new calendar month. Don't ask me. If I knew why this was the case, I'd probably also have a clearer sense of what "exotic derivatives" are.

Note from RaggedyDad: My job is absolutely not as sexy as it sounds.

In the meantime, I find that the kids' supper/bathtime/bedtime and the accompanying activities actually go quite a bit more easily when it's just me. When RaggedyDad is around for bedtime on the weekends, there's more fussing, kvetching, and silliness. Even though I'm not really the type, with me somehow it's quieter, smoother, less monkey business.

Ann usually has one or two of her "kids" (dolls) to accompany her to bed. Tonight she got a third in there - a doll we got her for her first birthday, aptly called "Dolly."

Andy looked over from his crib tent (I still can't believe this contraption - but he's actually liking it quite a bit), and saw Dolly with Ann, and called out, "Baby! Baby!" which could only refer to our other lifelike-looking doll, called "Baby," who is also Andy's occasional girlfriend. So Baby joined Andy, along with his other nighttime buddy, a soft pink dolly called "Baby Ashira," named by Ann and often referred to as one of her "kids."

It's important to note here that Ann has several "kids" who she lives with in her "apartment in Florida" (Orieyenta, do me a favor and check on her once in a while?).

As you can see, Andy is a prototypical 'boy after a girl', very happy and comfortable with Ann's stuff, similar to my own childhood as the youngest and only girl, but in the reverse - handed-down, red-markered G.I. Joes alongside my own Barbies.

As long as it doesn't get crowded, I don't have too many qualms about what my kids take into bed. Whatever gets us through those Raggedy nights!


Anonymous said...

enjoy. good night.

mother in israel said...

We have that too, when my husband is overseas. Fortunately, rarely. When he comes home late every night for a long stretch it gets really hard though.

mother in israel said...

PS b/c teens don't go to sleep early.

Chaya Tova said...

My three year old tends to put so much junk in her bed (a natural hoarder) that finally one night she said 'mommy, there is no room for me in the bed'. Just dolls sounds very cute.

Jack's Shack said...

My daughter sleeps with an army of stuffed animals.

orieyenta said...

...who she lives with in her "apartment in Florida".

Do you think Ann is trying to tell you she prefers the warmer weather? (Or maybe she just wants to come and visit Little Orieyenta?)

Ah...the days when there was still room in the bed for toys. LO manages to cart a whole zoo of stuffed animals onto the bed and she is bigger than Ann or Andy, so space is at a premium.

Scraps said...

I used to sleep with a mountain of dolls and stuffed animals. Only when we moved when I was 12 did they find their new homes on the shelf.

SephardiLady said...

Our kids love their babies and one baby even has his own car seat in our car. :)

Happy Mom of 6 said...

Adorable..whatever gets them to bed!

Baleboosteh said...

Little darlings!