Thursday, January 04, 2007


Mid-January in New York generally falls into indisputable winter territory. While we're not always buried in snow this time of year, temperatures are usually much colder and drearier. I know there are some other bloggers who probably consider NY winters a relative joke, but it's usually cold enough for me. Let's just say I'd often rather be sharing a forecast with those bloggers who regularly enjoy a toastier forecast. (I tend to think of all of you - and others - in a very geographic kind of way.)

Today's temperature in NY reached the high fifties which is really unusual, though when something keeps happening, it becomes more and more difficult to refer to it as unusual!

My neighbor and I carpool, and today she was planning to pick up the kids. I had plenty to do at home. My parents are sleeping over for Shabbos, which, though they're relatively easy company, does require a small amount of additional cooking, but mainly a much more intensified cleaning effort. There was definitely plenty to do at home.

However, at about 12:30 p.m., I got a call from Mom at work. "Just wanted to let you know," she started, "It's a beautiful day today in case you wanted to walk with Andy to go pick up Ann from preschool!" Thanks, Mom! I know what this means!

I was actually out doing carpool this morning, but that was a quick outing and it hadn't actually warmed up quite that much yet then.

Truth be told, my parents hardly ever pressure me to do anything, but implied in the 'nice weather' call is the knowledge that, indeed, the kids haven't been out walking much in the past few days, and wouldn't it be nice for them and you to get some fresh air, especially since they're predicting rain tomorrow - just a suggestion!!

Andy was so excited to see the stroller that he threw himself on top of his jacket and started laughing. I shlepped out with Andy and huffed and puffed to get there on time so that Ann would see my face when the preschool classroom door opened. Thursday is the day that projects go home, so into the under-stroller-basket they went, along with Ann's backpack and lunch remains.

After a quick bathroom stop at school for her, we headed to the library. We crossed Main Street to get some fruit "lekavod Shabbos" and made another quick pit-stop for Ann at the pizza store. Upon realizing that we weren't actually getting any pizza, Andy attempted to kamikaze himself out of the stroller and started to screech pitifully. Ann tried to reassure him ("We have spaghetti at home for supper, Andy!") while I tried to smash him back into place enough to fit through the doorway.

We stopped at 7-11 for some milk and I dorkily gave the Korean salesman my best "Yo bu se yo" that my students taught me. Imagine hearing that from a redhead! Ann was a terrific sport about the rest of the walk home which feels a bit long at that point.

I'm so glad we had our walk, aired out the house by opening all the windows, and generally did most of the other things Mommy told me to. I just wish it hadn't been out of guilt!


PsychoToddler said...

It's actually pretty warm here too. I picked up my boys from the Yeshiva (which is on the lake, where it's usually colder) and they weren't wearing coats at all.

All I can say is, if this is global warming, then bring it on.

Oh, and about the Korean phrase your students taught you, I really hope it's not some dirty curse words.

RaggedyMom said...

I'm not big on uttering foreign phrases I don't understand. RaggedyDad has already had way too much fun at my expense in that department!

As far as I know, "Yo bu se yo" pretty much means "Hello, how are you?"

Jack's Shack said...

It is cold here. Today it was 64.

SephardiLady said...

Today, make that yesterday, was beautiful. Unfortunately, since we spent the whole day out, I ended up doing my Shabbat preps in the middle of the night, hence this post. :) Now I'm a little bit regretful I invited so many people.

Ezzie said...

NY winters aren't a relative joke, they're just a joke. :)

It's scarier when the Korean guys start reading the Hebrew on your sweatshirt, I'm telling you...

I picked up my boys from the Yeshiva (which is on the lake, where it's usually colder) and they weren't wearing coats at all.

PT - That would probably have been true if it were snowing, too. Trust me. (Unless R' C is outside - he makes people go get their coats.)

PsychoToddler said...

Ezzie: True dat.

RaggedyMom said...

Jack - 64, huh? On Saturday we hit over 70 I think.

SL - Unfortunately, I get that same panicky regret from time to time. Once those guests are around the Shabbos table I almost always forget any regrets, but oh, boy, not the exhaustion!!

Ezzie - The 7-11 guys know Hebrew? No way! That's cool. They do stock a lot of Israeli products for a 7-11. All's I know is their milk doesn't spoil until after the due date (a novelty with some of the cholov Yisroel unfortunately) and costs 1.49

Ezzie and PT - I like the idea of a Rebbe getting involved in outerwear decisions. Is this like a psak? :)

Maybe he can convince my notoriously non-coat-wearing Israeli dad to bundle up!

Ezzie said...

RM - They're "Hebrews", they said once. And amen on the milk!

LT said...

I want snow. =(

As I've blogged about, I prefer my winters wintery (though da other boys strongly disagree). Today was colder, which was nice, but I hear we're in for another unseasonably warm weekend. Boo!