Thursday, November 06, 2008

Coming Back - Low Key

I'd like to blog more often. Really, I would. I can't even say that I don't have time to blog, because some very busy people I know are active bloggers. I do have chunks of time now and then when I, ahem, must sit still with Little Rag, and that's often my computer time.

So the time is there, but then there's the emotional part to contend with. Nothing major, but just this overall feeling that if I am going to Put Up a Blog Post, it has to be a Grand Event with Something Meaningful to say. So thoughts of what to post about quickly get shooed away:

"People have already posted extensively about that topic."

"That's not important enough to warrant a blog posting."

"What will [insert particular imagined reader] think about THAT?! Forget it."

"It will take way too much time and effort to make that sound as eloquent as I'd like."

And so on. So the quest for perfection/pleasing people/impressing people with some witty observation about life actually becomes a major Blog-Kill.

Clearly, we are all flawed and simple in our own way. With the intent of writing something special, I usually wind up writing (or finishing drafts of), well, nothing.

So I'd like to post on a more frequent basis. And I think I will. But I'll be doing less self-editing, and less self-evaluating. Sometimes it'll be silly, or lame, or my ideas may be deemed insignificant or even wrong by some of you. But I think that at nearly 30, I'm starting to grow up enough to realize that that's really . . . okay.

So hi again!


Ezzie said...


I don't think that people expect Meaningful Thoughts that are written Oh So Well every time... if they are, my blog must be hugely disappointing. (I can think of a few people who like well written, but... feh. :P )

Welcome back!

Erachet said...

Hear hear!

I second Ezzie! Most of the posts on my blog are nothing special. A lot of them are just youtube videos I like, random funny things I thought of that other people probably don't even think are that funny, rants, random, unoriginal thoughts, and then occasionally something people actually like to read.

Think of it this way: it's your blog. You write whatever you feel like writing. :)

SJ said...

Hi! :)

mother in israel said...

I'll be reading whatever you write. Welcome back.

Baila said...

Write whatever. Bloggers are a very strange animal. We read whatever.

I know this because I have gotten comments on some really awful posts.