Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Postcards from the Edge

An ongoing series

Postcard #1
From: RaggedyMom
To: Litte Rag

Hey there, little baby. You know I love you. But why is it that you sleep so well in Mommy's bed and so poorly . . . everywhere else? Learn to talk ASAP so you can let me know.


Postcard #2
From: RaggedyMom
To: Anonymous Neighbor

It's great seeing you from time to time. What's less than great is when you say, "Everytime I see you with Little Rag, he's crying!" I'm still figuring out what to respond to you, other than the odd smile I gave you, which hopefully implied, "I don't speak English."

Ani Mitzta'eret, Lo Hevanti Otach*

*I'm sorry, I didn't understand you

Postcard #3
From: RaggedyMom
To: Tom the Mailman

We chatted the other day, and that was lovely. Who ever said that people don't know their mail carriers by name in a city like this? And thank you for almost never mixing up our mail with the downstairs neighbor's. However, when it comes to your weather prediction skills, you are totally off, dude.

Remember your sweater next time,

Postcard #4
From: RaggedyMom
To: Fruit Store Man

You're my hero of the day today. Thank you for saving me today when Ann's lunch was left behind at home. A roll and the piece of fruit that you washed somewhere in "the back of the store" (hmm . . ) were great stand-ins.

Trying hard to be less of a flake,

Postcard #5
From: RaggedyMom
To: RaggedyAndy

Is there a book of crazy ideas written by little boys, for little boys? The one that tells you to do things such as, but not limited to:
-Throwing your sweatpants into the bathtub
-Cramming used tissues behind the dresser for Mommy to find (or not find)
-Riding the vacuum cleaner like an enchanted broomstick (you're too young for Harry Potter, kid)

I know Mommy's been kind of boring tied up with the baby lately, but these shenanigans aren't quite the excitement I was looking for.

Get off of there right now,


orieyenta said...

I can't tell you how many times I giggled and smiled reading this.

(And I LOVE the picture of Andy riding the vacuum cleaner!)

mother in israel said...

Dear Mom,
I read James McKenna, don't you?
Love, Little Rag


Scraps said...

Hehehe....I like your postcards. :)

Ezzie said...


Funny, everytime we've seen Little Rag, he was trying to sleep. :)

Hila said...

Oh RM, you are too funny. Hope Little Rag stops crying and Andy stays away from dangerous locations ;-)

Jack's Shack said...

This was pretty funny.

torontopearl said...

Dear Raggedy Mom:

You should actually publish a little book filled with these postcards; they are charming and funny and so "slice of life".

Thanks for sharing.

With much respect and admiration,

Your future editor.

Chana said...

These are wonderful! I like the one to Tom the Mailman regarding his sweater. ;-)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I loved this post!

(You should make it a weekly series :)