Thursday, March 08, 2007


In my previous post, I described how disgruntled I'm becoming with grocery shopping these days.

Andy, on the other hand, loves grocery shopping. He loves outings of all kinds, which I like too. The cold weather and the cough/cold combos that Andy and I are both working through have been hampering our long outings, but . . .

I've decided that at 16 and a half months, Andy needs to start pulling his weight around here. And he's heavy!

Today, Andy did some last-minute grocery shopping for me. I tried to make things easier for him by illustrating the shopping list and pointing him in the direction of the store.

He wasn't gone very long, and got almost everything right. Also, he didn't bring back any more tea or other unneeded items, which makes him a better shopper than RaggedyDad!


orieyenta said...

That picture of him with the big winter coat dragging the bag is TOO CUTE! Can you send him here to do my shopping? He could wear shorts down here! Good Shabbos!

SephardiLady said...

You are my type of mom and your kids are so cute. :)

What a shame you don't have a Trader Joe's locally where Andy can shop with a little cart. My son know exactly where everything we buy in the store is and they have little carts for the little ones. It makes shopping a real pleasure and the prices are reasonable too. At the end they give the kids a balloon which is a great motivator to do a nice job.

Good Shabbos.

Hila said...

Aww! Andy is just the cutest! We don't have a Trader Joe's around here like SephardiLady but the local supermarket in my hometown does have little shopping carts for the young ones. When I was growing up in Washington state, my mom's favorite grocery store had them, too. I used to LOVE when she would send me to get something, usually like apples or oranges or something easy to handle, and I felt so grown-up with my cart "just like Mommy."

Have a Good Shabbos!

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

He is such a cuty, you are right start them

Jack's Shack said...

He is cute.

Ezzie said... what's that sound your car was making this morning? And where were all the Raggedys going so early on a Sunday!? :P

[Sorry, I was waiting forever by the bus this morning on my way to *work*, and suddenly saw a whole clan of Raggedys crossing the street...]

RaggedyMom said...

Orieyenta - The fact that you call his snowsuit a "big winter coat" makes me realize just how quaintly Floridian you are! And bring on the shorts! (though it's going up to the mid-50's today!)

SL, Hila - That mini shopping cart idea sounds so cute - I've never seen that before!

Jack, SWFM - Thanks, LOL.

Ezzie - I usually handle the neighborhood watch from my living room window, but you can take over the job on those early mornings! Weekend bus times are a pain - I didn't see you, but next time, please ask us for a lift to the subway!!!

We were all headed out to meet my parents for bagels before my dad headed off to work - not an accountant, but a store owner - so Sunday is always a work day :)

The best part is that I don't even remember hearing any out-of-the-ordinary sounds from the car. I guess some sputtering and irritability is par for the course for a '95 before it's warmed up. But remember, we never speak ill of the car in the presence of the car! :)

RaggedyMom said...

Oh, we also had a bunch of strange and assorted bags - dry cleaning before Pesach, a birthday present for an afternoon party, random stuff for my parents, baby paraphernalia.

But it's sort of like a clown car - we all piled in somehow. And you can too!

Ezzie said...

Well, the bus finally came while you were getting out of your spot. But maybe I'll take you up next time... I had been waiting a half hour!

Baleboosteh said...

Awww he is just gorgeous RaggedyMom! So cute.

And I love the last sentance about RaggedyDads efforts shopping... I think all men are like that when it comes to grocery shopping!